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HELLO Serendipity community!! We are operating differently these days due to Covid19, but we are still dedicated to providing YOU with delicious gluten free food and tasty treats. Every week we have a selection of  meals/dessert options that can be delivered or picked up on Wednesdays + Thursdays. The weekly menu is posted on Sundays on our Facebook + Instagram. Orders must be placed by text and a confirmation and details will be sent back within 24 hours. We adapted to these processes March 2020 and it has been a pleasure to feed your families in a safe manner.

Our storefront is also open on Fridays 3pm-6pm and Saturdays12pm-3pm where we’ll have desserts + donuts available.

My mother and I started Serendipity Gluten-Free Catering to prove that gluten-free food can be amazing; even if it turns out to be an accident. We started catering in 2012. We eased into the industry by supplying our product to various places in Regina. Our goal was to get “safe gluten free” TASTY products into numerous establishments for customers to access.

Today, you can find our products at Cafe Drip, The Everyday Kitchen, Core Coffee and FixCoffee. As of October 2015 we have opened our storefront bakeshop, located at 910 11th Ave., off Arcola West of Winnipeg Street. We are kiddy corner from the Ukrainian Coop.

Hi! I’m Kathryn Santha…

… and my career began by accident.

Growing up in my family the food was always extravagant and creative, and at a young age I inherited my mother’s passion for food; she always had a knack for making things taste extraordinary. It turned into my passion too, well… my 2nd passion.

My first passion was always soccer. I turned down a culinary scholarship on the west coast to play for the University of Regina Cougars where I was an everyday starting defender. It was in my second year with the Cougars when I tore my ACL. After undergoing reconstructive surgery to repair it, I got sick.

Very sick. Eight stubborn months of sick. When the doctors explained that I had Celiac Disease – and concluded it was triggered during the surgery – luck was scarce and courage was out of touch. Celiac is forever. I toiled at the U of R during my rehabilitation, switching majors and skipping class, but I had a really hard time adjusting to my new gluten free lifestyle. Nothing tasted extraordinary. I didn’t eat. My hair fell out. My amazing mother did what moms do best. She helped me get my diet on track while experimenting with our family recipes – twisting and turning them gluten free. What a difference she made in my life!

Weekly Menu

Catering Menu

We require 1 week notice in advance for catering events so we can fully prepare, events larger than 30 people we prefer 2 weeks notice, and events larger than 50 we prefer 1 month notice. Our menu is subject to change based on product availability and would be happy to discuss substitutions or alternatives. We also post quite a few of our seasonal items on our social media pages, so take a look to get inspired with other options. Click on the menu to view it.

What Our Wonderful Customers Have to Say

“The food at Serendipity is the best food I have ever eaten! I have never eaten gluten free and I found all I ate tasted better then gluten food. Do your taste buds a favor and eat here!”

Lynne N.

“Fantastic! All the food here is SO good! Thank you for giving us gluten free people great food to eat!”

Carrie D.

Custom Bread Orders

Our breads are made fresh to order so you always know you’re getting the freshest bread possible! You have lots of options to choose from: Flatbread ($1.25 per slice 4″ by 6″), Buns ($1.25 each), Loaves ($7.00 each), and Fancy Loaves ($7.50 each).

Our flatbreads, buns, and loaves are available in the following flavours: Plain, Rosemary and Parmesan, Herb and Garlic, Hemp and Flax, and Sundried Tomato.

Our fancy loaves are available in Cinnamon Rasin and Apple Pecan flavours.

Our ordering process online is not an automatic system. Please wait for a reply with details of date and time for pickup. It may take us 24 hours to get back to you, thank you for your understanding.

Fresh Baking

We have a stocked bakery case that contains Cookies ($2 each), Cupcakes ($3.50 each), Brownies ($3.50 each) and Lemon Blueberry Loaf ($3 each). Our flavours vary weekly, but we do our best to have dairy free options available in our bakery case.

If you are looking for something specific, or a large quantity please give us a call or send us an email so we can guarantee your order. Larger orders we will need a week minimum notice, but the more time helps.

We also have a small food menu that can be purchased for take out. We do not have breads available in store at this point. BUT, we do take custom orders, including cakes for special occasions. This also ensures you are receiving fresh product that you can choose to eat that day or freeze yourself. Cinnamon Buns every Saturday in store are $3.50 each.

Custom Cakes

  • 6 inch
    2 layer round, plain buttercream

    added fondant work – 28*

  • 8 inch
    2 layer round, plain buttercream

    added fondant work – 60*

  • 8 inch
    3 layer round, plain buttercream

    added fondant work – 75*

  • 10 inch
    2 layer round, plain buttercream

    added fondant work – 120*

  • Multi tiered buttercream cakes
    add the prices of the separate cakes together and add 20
  • Multi tiered fondant work cakes
    add the prices of the separate cakes together and add 50*

*We reserve the right to add a surcharge when the fondant work is extremely complex based upon the hours of effort required.

Custom Cupcakes

  • Mini Cupcakes
    2 - 2.5/EACH
    dependant on cupcake papers/ribbon, etc. and how you want them decorated
  • Large Cupcakes
    3 - 3.5/EACH
    dependant on cupcake papers/ribbon, etc. and how you want them decorated
  • Cupcake Flavours
    Strawberry Chocolate
    Vanilla Peppermint
    Vanilla Almond
    Chocolate Peppermint
    Vanilla Spice (cinnamon)
    Vanilla with Red Velvet cookie dough center
    Chocolate with Peanut Butter cookie dough center
  • Frosting Flavours
    Almond buttercream
    Cream cheese
    Peanut butter cream whip

Have another flavour in mind? Tell us your idea and we’ll try to make it happen! Final prices are determined by your choices on customization of the cupcakes to your wedding/party colors, flavours, and volume. Getting more than four dozen? Ask about our volume discount!

Ready to Indulge?

910 11th Ave
Regina, SK

Phone: 306.533.6514
Email: kathryn@serendipitycatering.ca

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